Mario Party 5 is the fifth installment in the Mario Party series and the second for the Nintendo GameCube. The most notable change in this game is that the shopping system was replaced with the new Capsule system.

In the game's Story Mode, a playable character has to face Bowser and the Koopa Kids (known as Mini Bowser in PAL regions) throughout every stage. Eventually, the character will face Bowser one-on-one.

The game is notable for featuring places and characters that appeared in or resembled places and characters from Paper Mario. The most prominent of these is the Star Spirits.


  • From the Mario Party 5 Instruction booklet:

In the night sky, past the moon and beyond the stars, there's a dream world known as Dream Depot, where everyone's dreams come together. This is the real land of dreams... In this land, there are Star Guards who protect the dreams of everyone. One dreamy night, the Star Guards thought of something. "Many dreams arrive here at Dream Depot every day," they said, "so... why don't we offer those with the power of dreaming a chance to visit?" Eventually, they decided to invite Mario and his closest friends because, when it comes to dreamers, nobody dreams bigger than they do! The Star Guards prepared for their guests' arrival by creating many fun-filled games for them to play. And that is how this adventure for Mario and his friends both old and new began!

In Story Mode, Bowser and Koopa Kid are planning to ruin everyone's dreams, and players must stop Bowser from taking over said dreams. If players clear the five boards, they must face the Koopa Kids in Bowser Nightmare, and if they beat that board, they fight Bowser in Frightmare.