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Mario's Tennis, initially known as Mario's Dream Tennis during development, is a Virtual Boy game that was released in 1995. It is the first installment in the Mario Tennis series. The game inspired and was followed by Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64. All playable characters that appeared in the original Super Mario Kart for Super NES (with the exception of Bowser) were also playable in Mario's Tennis. There was going to be a two-player option, but it was never added on. The cable that would have been used to connect two Virtual Boys together was never added due to poor Virtual Boy sales.



A serve begins each point in tennis. A single player serves each game, and players alternate serving throughout the course of the match. If the player wishes to serve, they must press either the A button or the B button, A for regular shots and B for long-distance shots.


The basic shot in in Mario's Tennis, this shot has a higher arch to it, and can be used by pressing the A button. The shot is mainly used for regular, run-of-the-mill shot.


The Lob Shot is the second method of hitting a ball in Mario's Tennis. The Lob Shot is a powerful shot that can be used to shoot high, powerful shots whenever the B button is pressed. However, the Lob can be a disadvantage if the character hitting the ball is in the front of the court.


Doubles is the second method of play in Mario's Tennis. Doubles are very different than singles, and can be a great advantage for beginner players. In Doubles, the player can choose a partner to help them play tennis, while the player serves in the back the computer partner covers the net, and vice-versa.

Playable CharactersEdit


  • On the box art, the mushrooms have red dots and a white background.
  • This is the only Mario Tennis game where Waluigi does not appear.


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